Biography of Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali riaz Malik is one of the most successful and best entrepreneur of Pakistan wo currently serving as the CEO of the renowned Bahria Town, the company which is superiorly recognized for being one of the best real estate developer in entire Asisa. Apart from being an super enthusiastic and talented Entreprenuer, he is a son of another best real estate developer and business man mogul Malik riaz Hussain who is currently serving as a chairman of Bahria town and has secured as a position of 7th richest man of Pakistan.

Professional life and education of Ali ahmed riaz

Ahmed ali riaz malik was born in Pakistan in 1978 year and spend his childhood in the Rawalpindi city only. He has developed his interest in real estate since childhood and was very fascinated from all those high flying skyscrapers and high-rise building of different countries. After seeing all those things he decided in this early age of childhood that he will bring these highly modified developments in his country. He then completed his education in 1999 from the renowned Beacon House School that was pretty near to his place. After completed his studies, he joined his father’s business of real estate at Bahria Town. Bahria Town is, now, have become one of the best real estate company in the entire country and the all the efforts, passion and hardwork of Malik riaz and his son Ahmed Ali Riaz can undoubtedly be ascribed to the same.

All success of ali Ahmed riaz is because of his hard work and passion, undoubtedly. He has now become one of the best entrepreneurs of the Pakistan because of intelligence and love for the real estate. At the early stages of his career in real estate, he was first designated as the procurement manager in the sales and marketing department and after the hard work and dedication he got promoted to the designation of project manager in 2005, at this time he started looking after several projects at Bahria Town in the entire process. we cannot forget the main reason behind the success of entire firm ali Ahmed Riaz who take the company to the new and biggest heights with his amazing management and business skills that eventually take him to the designation of CEO of bharia town pvt. ltd. All this success because of his amazing skills of taking right decisions in favour of company and the entire employees, now bahria town pvt. ltd has become USD$ 1 billion company.

ahmed ali riaz malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik comes up to as the pompous son of the famed billionaire and real estate developer Malik riaz and formerly receiving throughout by his family business, he got married to Mubashra Ali Malik in the year 2003. Mubashra Ali malik, belong to a family which comes as the owners of the biggest factory in the country. After getting married to Ahmed ali riaz, she acquired indict of the all the humanitarian actions of the bahria town. Well, she is now taking care of all the Dastarkhwans jogged by Bahria town which are concerned in distributing free food to more than 150,000 unfortunate people around.

Projects managed and supervised by Ahmed Ali Riaz at Bahria town

Ahmed ali riaz malik is now looking after several big projects by the Bahria town in the procedure and can be reffered as one of the main man behind the most crucial projects under the flagship of the Bahria town. He was the one who came up with the dream of “pakistan’s First ever Island city” into authenticity after taking the agreement with the US real estate tycoon Thomas Kramer In 2003 year. This was the concord that is the base and foundation of one of the most promising projects named Bundle and Bodha Island in the Karachi city.

It was certainly his pure flair and business insight which has direct Bahria town to run a numeral of projects behind the column, like DHA Smart city Islamabad, Bin alam city Islamabad, Blue world city Islamabad, bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Rawalpindi and Bahria town Lahore. Alongside all of this imperative development, his group is doing several enormous vocations in structure the chief Masjid in Pakistan at the Bahria town Karachi which will carry along a sports city, Golf city and glory confines. This is certainly a huge attainment in the complete times past of Pakistan and ahmed ali riaz and his entire group are going great ordnance for it.

Ali Malik Riaz : The Most Talked about Fitness Enthusiast in Pakistan Right Now

Ahmed Ali Riaz can certainly be counted amongst one of the most sought after entrepreneurs in the Pakistan today but he has also come up as one of the best fitness enthusiasts in the country right now. He gets along with his daily schedule with hardcore weight training and carries along a strict diet routine alongside. Ali malik riaz always keeps his health on top and as per him “healthy habits contributes a lot in improving your overall physical appearance, mental stability, ability to perform activities in a better way, which would then help you to lead a stress-free lifestyle, maintaining happy moods, high energy levels, less prone to health problems etc”. He also emphasizes on the fact that every person around must take care of their health on priority and include a health routine to take care of their physical and mental health.

That can be quoted as one of the only reasons why Ali malik riaz has made sure of bringing a health facility to almost Bahria Town project around. It must be noted that most of the projects at the bahria town comes along with some Gyms, Parks, Riding Clubs, Football Grounds, Tennis Courts, and Swimming Pools etc, in order to facilitate the surrounding people with some healthy lifestyle and routine in the process. Well, we can certainly quote the Gold Spa & Fitness Club Lahore as one of the biggest developments at the Bahria Town and the same is located around the high street location of Mall of Lahore and Country Club Bahria Town Lahore. Moreover, the Safari Gym in Safari Club Rawalpindi incorporates the best gym equipments and qualified instructors, which are more than capable to let you achieve your fitness goals in due time. You can also enjoy at one of the riding clubs at the Bahria Town Rawalpindi and Lahore whilst coming along with all the modern riding services. All of these riding clubs comes around
with the most amazing facilities and a highly trained staffed, to further enhance you round the clock riding experience altogether. On the other side, each of the communities at the Bahria Town Karachi, Rawalpindi & Lahore is accommodated with a park and the same can help the nearby residents to help them achieve their respective fitness goals.

It’s majorly due to his own dedication towards fitness and healthy routine, ali ahmed riaz is bringing a strict discipline towards his eating habits. You can always find all the fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat and other stuff in his menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner

For Malik riaz, health must comes as the first priority for everyone around and people must take adequate time for their family and health to live by a peaceful and contented life altogether.

Bahria Town taking ‘Clean Karachi campaign’ to a different level

Bahria Town Karachi has once again started with their ‘Clean Karachi’ campaign after an appeal came from Federal Minister Ali Zaidi and Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar to take care of the garbage backlog in the city. It must be mentioned that the recent monsoon spells and urban flooding has created a big havoc in the city which is already struggling with a lot of garbage.

It must be mentioned that the GM Bahria Town Karachi, Cdr. Zulfiqar Memon, along with a team of highly skilled and motivated  100 members are all set to clean up the city along with a big fleet of 100 plus dump trucks, excavators, loaders, bobcats, tractors, trolleys, water bowsers etc.

Within a span of just 2 days, Bahria Town Karachi have cleaned up several areas around Korangi and Central Districts namely Saudabad, Siraj-ud-daula GST, Peela School GST, surroundings of Agha Juice etc. and cleaned up around 2,250 tons of garbage.

Talking about the same occasion, Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar applauded Bahria Town Karachi for taking up the tough task in hand and cleaning up the whole city to a great extent.

GM Bahria Town Karachi Cdr. Zulfiqar Memon said that “whether it’s the fire incident or a case of boulder falling on houses or retrieving people from a collapsed building, Bahria Town Karachi has always been the first one to rise to the occasion”. He further quoted that “bringing betterment in the lives of people and to serve them is the sole purpose behind every such act of Bahria Town and people of Karachi are requested to support work alongside Bahria Town Karachi”.

Bahria Town Karachi has put forward some real progress in the years 2017 and 2018 where they have cleaned up more than 250,000 tons of garbage under the flagship of Clean Karachi campaign which has bene carried out at different cities in the country

Bahria Town Karachi has come over as the biggest and most advanced private real estate community living project in the entire history of Pakistan.  Their impeccable planning and designing while redefining lifestyle preferences and within the midst of all this, they are setting some new examples of clean and green environment. This is something which has set them apart from all the other world class communities  where they have introduced high international standards for various activities like road cleaning, waste management and disposal systems. By Ali Riaz Malik

Ali Riaz Malik – One of the Bets Entrepreneurs in the Pakistan

Within a short span of time, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has established himself as one of the bets entrepreneurs in the Pakistan and whilst he is also the CEO of the famous Bahria town, the firm currently stands as one of the Asia’s biggest real estate developers. Apart from being a famous businessman, he is the son to Real estate developer and Real estate mogul Malik Riaz Hussain who also comes as the founder and chairman of Bahria town, currently holds the 7th spot in the ‘richest people in the country”.

Professional life and education of Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik got born at in Rawalpindi in the year 1978 and he was diverted big time towards the real estate business at a young age. Right in his early days, he was passionate about watching all those high rise buildings and skyscrapers in other countries. Well this was something which sowed the seed of hope in him to bring the same kind of development to his country. Ahmed Ali Riaz completed his education from the famous Beacon house school in 1999 which was near to his own residence. After getting through with his higher education, he joined his father in their Real estate business and made it progress further with all his hardcore efforts. Bahria town currently stands amongst the best real estate firms in the country and we can accredit the same to efforts of Malik Riaz and his son Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik.

Looking into the professional career of Ali Riaz Malik, he has worked really hard and earned everything on his way to the top of the list. In the start, he acted as a procurement manager in the sales and marketing department and then earned his promotion as a project manager in 2005 to take care of the various projects of the Bahria town in the country. We can simply give it to the hard work and passion of Ali Riaz Malik, that eventually made him earn the position of the CEO of the Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd. It was all his powerful decision making and high end business acumen, he took Bahria town to bigger heights and made it a USD$ 1 billion company.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is the son of famous real estate developer Malik riaz and after making it big in the their family business, he then got married to Mubashra Ali Malik in the year 2003. Mubashra ali malik , belongs to the rich family of  sugar refineries owners in the country and got born in 1983. After getting married to Ahmed ali riaz, she started working along for the most of the Bahria town’s Philanthropic activities. If we talk about the big list that includes the Dastarkhwans run by Bahria town which are indulged in serving free meals to over 150,000 underprivileged people around the country.

Projects managed and supervised by Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik at Bahria town

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has played a major part in most of the big projects of the Bahria town in the recent times. Besides being the main man behind most of the crucial projects under the Bahria town flagship, he has brought the dream of “Pakistan’s first ever Island city” into reality after getting into an agreement with US real estate tycoon Thomas Kramer in the year 2013. The same agreement ensured an equal contribution from both the ends towards developing and constructing of the Bundle and Bodha islands in the Karachi city.

Its mainly due to his leadership, Bahria town is currently managing a number of  big projects like DHA Smart city Islamabad, Bin alam city Islamabad, Blue world city Islamabad, bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Rawalpindi and Bahria town Lahore. Apart from them, their team is doing all the hard work to build  the third biggest Masjid in Pakistan at the Bahria town Karachi which will house a sports city, Golf city and Paradise precincts. This can certainly be regarded as a landmark achievement in the history of Pakistan and ahmed ali riaz and all of his team is doing their best efforts in the same direction.

Fitness Must not be a Routine, but the Lifestyle for Everyone: Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik comes as one of the most fitness enthusiastic people in the country and he carries along his weight training schedule twice a day and seven days a week. Also, he ensures following the best diet and balanced nutrition all the time to make the best results possible out of his routine.

Ali Riaz Malik strongly believes in the fact that “healthy habits improve your physical appearance, mental stability, ability to perform activities in a better way, which help you lead a stress-free lifestyle, maintaining happy moods, high energy levels, less prone to health problems etc”.

He further said that every person around must take their health quite seriously and maintain a proper balance between exercising and balanced diet. He also stated that a person can stay good and happy only if he or she is healthy both physically and mentally. This is something which confirms the role played by a work out regime and proper diet in everyone’s life.

This is why Ali Riaz Malik has ensured that every project that is being handled by him is coming along with Gyms, Parks, Riding Clubs, Football Grounds, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools etc, so as all the people within follows a healthy routine and lifestyle.

Gold Spa & Fitness Club Lahore are one of such projects at Bahria Town which are located in the heart of Mall of Lahore and Country Club Bahria Town Lahore.  Moreover, Safari Gym in Safari Club Rawalpindi brings along the most advanced fitness equipment and qualified instructors, which are rightly capable to make any person achieve their specific fitness goals in life.

You can also find certain riding clubs at Bahria Town Rawalpindi and Lahore which accommodates world class riding facilities for all the members. Each of these Riding Clubs are equipped  with the best sports facilities and highly efficient and  trained staffed, which is available round the clock for bringing them the perfect riding experience. Simultaneously, the Bahria Town Karachi, Rawalpindi & Lahore accommodate a Park to allow the residents with all the required facilities to enjoy their life.

Minor Girl goes through Liver Transplantation Operation at Bahria Town Hospital

One of the most renowned Bahria Town Children’s Hospital and Organ Transplant Centre, Lahore, has recently conducted the first ever successful pediatric liver transplant operation on a three-year-old girl.

As per the details released by the hospital on Tuesday, the child was suffering from a liver disease since birth, and her mother then donated her piece of liver in order to save her daughter’s life. The operation was conducted by a team of doctors, led by pediatric liver and kidney transplant surgeon Dr Khalid Sharif and including Dr Faisal Hanif, Prof Dr Huma Arshad Cheema, undertaken as a complex operation, which lasted for more than 10 hours. Overall, a team of 62 members with medical and paramedical staff together conducted the same operation. Malik Riaz Hussain and Ahmed Ali Riaz, who comes as the Chairman and CEO of Bahria town respectively, have lauded this achievement by the Bahria town hospital.

Luckily, both the child patient and her donor mother are currently in a stable condition, and now been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This successful operation has put the basis forward of liver transplant surgery at Bahria Town International Hospital Orchard, Lahore, which comes as the most advanced pediatric hospital with all the state of the art facilities. The hospital comes along with all the required facilities like 24/7 emergency services, pediatric kidney and liver transplant surgeries, 24 x 7 pediatric ICU and diagnostic and treatment services for all child-related diseases and health ailments. Moreover, a core team of specialized doctors and surgeons is continuously taking care of all the kidney and liver transplant surgeries on adult patients within the hospital ever since it established.

Overview of the Bahria Town Orchards Villas

Project Attraction: Nature park themed country style modern community

Project Type: Master planned project comprise of 1 Kanal Bahria Orchard Villas, 5 Marla Bahria Cottages, 5, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal Developed Plots, Furnished studio, Furnished 1 bed & 2 bed apartments, 5 Marla Commercial Plots

Project Status: 1 kanal houses available only. Bookings for 10 Marla houses have been closed.

Location: Raiwind Road, Lahore

Bringing all the modern development whilst taking care of the flaura and fauna has always been the dream of Malik Riaz Hussain whilst bringing any of the development forward within the country. This is where the Bahria town Orchard Villas comes along with the Spanning and springing green fields, clean arrays of fruit trees, and earth espousal cover of yellow flowers with the right balance of dusty roads. Whenever a person thinks about living down the country side, he or she generally thinks about the location where there is an unavailability of electricity with the absence of most of the modern facilities and amenities within its vicinity. This is where most of the people get confused as they have to face the tough question of choosing between the most advanced urban lifestyles and the essence of the natural flaura and fauna in the countryside locations. Bahria Orchard clearly sums up as the most perfect combination of the same choices as it certainly brings along that fairytale land into the perfect reality.

This is where Bahria Orchard comes as the perfect option for all those nature lovers. The entrance boulevard would surely breeze you through the beautiful landscaped park which is surrounded with some of the most amazing sceneries. A cool, calm breeze would then be silently crossing through your mind and soul and further invite you to cherish its magic all along the surroundings.

The project was initially been designed for all the sports lovers as a golf course community but after seeing the tremendous response form all the potential buyers, it was then been transformed into a perfect blend of modern lifestyle and contemporary greenery. Bahria Town Orchard is rightly crafted into a  perfect green residential spheres. Each of the sphere shares all the state of the art lifestyle and high-end amenities coming along with miles of jogging and biking trails. You can also find a Golf and Country Club which will be offering riding stables and a spectacular eighteen-hole championship golf course to all the members from the community.

That is why Bahria Town orchids is been called as the perfect location for right reasons and seasons and brings along all the right combinations of a luxurious living standard along with the natural touch.

Main Features of the Bahria town Orchids Villas

  • State of the art Orchard Park along with a themed entrance park
  • A perfect array of Orchard Falls
  • A Hospital with 24*7 medical assistance to all the residents
  • A Mosque which can accommodate more than a 1000 people at the same time
  • Community Parks to bring up the best leisure activities to the people from the communities
  • Commercial Area to accommodate all the commercial activities and daily requirements of the nearby residents.
  • Gold Class Theater to offer best in class entertainment to people from all the age groups
  • A school to deliver the best quality education by the most qualified teachers and faculties
  • Orchard Community Office to facilitate any kind of event or arrangement by the nearby households of the various communities

A Golf Course to provide the best in class golfing experience to all the sports lovers around